My portal experience with with Linda has been a gateway to peace and blessings I may not have accessed any other way,       

                             ~ Cheryl


Dream tending with Linda is a beautiful, transformative, and healing experience.  Something magical happens in the process. It’s like sitting at a kitchen table with all the time in the world having tea and conversation with friends - you, Linda, and the dream - and gradually something unexpected but quite amazing is revealed. And like any good tending, you, the dream, Linda, and even the world become the better for it. 

                                                                         ~ Wendy

I have had the gift of many wonderful conversations with Linda over the years.  She has always been a very receptive, sensitive and respectful listener.  She is also remarkably perceptive.  In addition, she has been developing the gift of articulating what she hears and perceives in a way that invites a deeper awareness.  I have learned much through engaging in conversation with her.

                                                                                        ~ Karen