Making Portals

Making Portals arose out of a deep love for conversations.  Conversation can open into unexpected territories, where anything can be experienced in a new and multi-dimensional way. Thinking becomes active and receptive at the same time, more flexible, daring, truer, deeper and broader, more in tune and in time with what is and more accepting of human limitations.  

Conversation can be a portal into another experience of a dream, a troubling situation, a difficulty, a challenge, or really anything at all.  Arising out of a necessity to understand what is happening in our world and in our lives, Making Portals seeks to take another more creative and conscious perspective and to let this speak for itself through every dream and difficulty, through every terrible thing or awful feeling.  Conversation can challenge our ideas, and more than that, can open us to the beauty, love, and intelligence that is always present and actively reconfiguring everything.