Anything and Everything Can Become a Portal

Making Portals

Making Portals

Portals are openings.  Portals are possibilities, not in a utopian or childlike sense, but in terms of seeing in a different way.


Dreams are endlessly creative.  The question is what is the consciousness of this particular dream?  What is its particular activity?



The soul of a conversation carries potential for a portal to open into anything that we pay attention to with openness and a desire for truth.


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After a career in education, mainly as a teacher in Special Education, Linda Beeuwsaert completed a two year program in Spiritual Direction through Stillpoint in Southern California.  She also earned a certificate in dream work after a year long class through Dr. Renee Coleman,  a certified DreamTender since 1996.  Linda has participated in dream groups for over five  years.  


Making Portals is based within a deep curiosity and interest in consciousness and in one of its manifestations as a creative and receptively active way of being in the world which is possible for everyone.  Authors who have been influential to this end are Karen Mitchell (Woman Without A Name), Renee Coleman (Icons of a Dreaming Heart: The Art and Practice of Dream-Centered Living), Robert Sardello (Silence: The Mystery of Wholeness) and Wolfgang Giegerich ( The Soul Always Thinks).

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